Kathy Robson

I am a realtime broadcast television captioner. I have owned my own firm (Mission Peak Captioning), and worked for most of the largest captioning firms in the United States, always working from home, even on high-profile jobs like the World Series. My specialty is sports captioning, although I’ve done a great deal of news and city government captioning work as well. I was a pioneer in online realtime, captioning to CompuServe, AOL, and the Internet. I have a (now-expired) teaching credential in Court Reporting, and have served as a teacher, faculty member, and presenter for college classes and professional trade organizations.

I was the primary captioner for Fremont, California — the first city in the United States to provide live realtime for every city council meeting (I was honored by a special resolution for my work there).

I also do CART work, providing accessibility for deaf and hard-of-hearing people at live events ranging from corporate business meetings to seminars and meetings. I had the pleasure of providing live realtime for Heather Whitestone, the first deaf Miss America.

Stories about my captioning have appeared in Fortune Magazine, the Journal of Court Reporting, the San Jose Mercury News (front page!), the Valley Times, and other publications.

For more, see my curriculum vitae.



  1. Hi,

    I am researching speech to text technology for inclusion in Emergency response operations. I ran into your website and was wondering if you could provide any insights or direction. My goal is to capture radio exchanges between first responders as text, so that the exchanges could be easily understood by Emergency operations centers, so that they can respond faster to emergencies and forward requests to various agencies during an emergency. I was hoping to find some good speech to text software, but looks like those are not very reliable, so I’m looking at other options to conduct our research.
    Thank you in advance for any input.
    Indira Semwal

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